Anonymous asked:
Whats hidden in your heart?

Not completely sure, still trying to find myself out.

Anonymous asked:
Whats your favorite nick name that people call you and who calls you by that name?

Mishka! And yet again, only my close friends call me that, haha

Anonymous asked:
Are you afraid of snakes?

Nah, they’re cool

Anonymous asked:
What kind of nurse do you want to be? Like, do you want to work in ERs or what?

My dream is to be an OR nurse

kennkai asked:
if u had the chance to be a mermaid for a day would u? nd how would ur tail look?

Probably not. I like my legs, haha. But if I were to be one for a day I most definitely would have a sea blue, sparkly tail

Anonymous asked:
Who is someone you couldn't see leaving your life?

My closest friends. They know who they are :D

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